UPGRADE - Remove Acrylic PAPER Protection Custom Service

Paper Protection Removal Upgrade!

***Risk for acrylic surface damage.***

***This is considered a custom service and no returns for custom orders.***

**NOT available for RANDOM COLOR CIRLCES!***

All acrylic shapes will come with a paper or film cover that you will have to remove when you receive them.  The paper is there as a form of protection.  It protects the acrylic from the machine process of cutting them and also from the shipping and delivery service.  Without the paper the items can be damaged, scratched, scuffed, get a smokey residue, melted acrylic residue, table back-flash or chipped edges. We can remove the paper for you for a fee on 1 side or 2 sides.  Please keep in mind, we do not remove the paper after we make them.  We remove the paper before we cut them and this is why you can get some damage and why the fee is so inexpensive.  The advantage is you will not have to remove it yourself and it makes it much easier to use right away, the paper may be very difficult to remove.  However, you do run the risk of damage if we do it prior.

We can remove the paper starting at $2.50 1 side (up to 100 pieces per size)!

CUSTOM LASERING: Contact us if you have any special CUSTOM requests. We are a custom shop and can custom make any shape or size. We can even do different thicknesses (prices vary & material thicknesses are nominal).  We can laser drill holes in any size!
*We can add laser text, images or logos on one or both sides for a additional small fee.
Designed and manufactured in the USA. Made partly from combination of recycled or repurposed materials.