1. We do offer refunds on non-custom orders.  All returns will involve a restocking fee without exception.

2. We only offer refunds on regular stock basic items, no custom items.

3. We charge a 20% restocking fee on non-custom items.  All returned items have to be inspected for damage, recounted and repackaged to be ready for resale.  All this time and possible materials cost money and therefore we will charge a restocking fee.

4. All shipping charges are paid by the purchaser.  We do not pay for S&H on the way back and we do not refund the original S&H at the time of purchase.  Refunds are on the item prices only, no refunds on shipping and handling charges.

5. All items must be returned in there original packing.  All items must be in original condition and without missing pieces. 

6. Any damaged or missing items due to the customer or the delivery service will be taken into account and will be subtracted from the total refund.  You may want to consider buying insurance on expensive items.

7. All returned items must have tracking and a tracking number must be emailed to us.

8. All orders usually go out by the next business day on purchases before 10:00 am.  If you contact us to cancel an order still not shipped we will be glad to cancel your order and we do not charge a fee to cancel orders not shipped.  Once the item is gone we cannot cancel and if you want to return the item we will have a restocking fee.

9. We do not offer refunds on custom made or special orders.  If you request a refund on an item you have us custom make or custom design we cannot refund your purchase at all.

NOTE:  Please be sure of your orders, check the materials, the thicknesses, color, diameters, sizes, shapes, quantities, etc.  We have a lot of items with little subtle differences.   If you are not clear of your order before you pay for your order, please call to verify any questions you may have.  Sometimes after you make your purchase, you can still cancel if we have not shipped it yet.  Please call anytime to discuss detail you may have on your order.  We normally ship out items the same day or by the next day on orders before 10:00 am.  However, your order has not gone out, we do not charge a fee to cancel an order.