Our Story:

     We are a small family business.  This whole business started back a few years ago when a 9 year old boy (in 4th grade) had a great idea (one of many).  One Christmas he pulled off one of the intricate hand-made paper snowflake ornaments from the tree and brought it over to his dad.  He said to his architect/artist dad, "Mom says you made this."  His dad replied, "Yes," and the boy said, "Wow, they look great, you should sell these dad!" The dad put his hand on the boy's small shoulders and said, "Well son, would you pay $400 for a paper snowflake?"  The boy said, "NO!"  The dad then said, "Well, no one else would either son."  "Why is it so much Dad?"  "It takes about a week to make one, son."  So the boy told him, "There has got to be a machine out there to make these for you."  The dad said, "Yes, there are machines out there.  Here is a contact of a machine we were looking at awhile back for our other design business, but we decided against it back then.  Also, go on the internet and do some more research for other machines.  If you are serious son, I will help you."  After awhile of contacting companies, doing a business plan, talking to all the other family members, his dad gave him what he need to start the company.  Soon, after about three months, we got a small contract and we paid off the first machine 9 months later.  We now have many machines and we have never looked back.  We keep expanding this little boy's idea.

     Hi, I am Frankie Zamarron, the President of ZLazr.com (along with a little help from my parents).  I started my business back when I was just 9 years old (I am now 14yrs old) and business is going great!  Everyone in the family helps out, even my sisters, who are like our dad, also design.  I would like the opportunity to do some work for you.  I am very professional, my work is high quality and most of all, I am on time!  I have many contracts with small, medium and even some large companies that I do regular business with here in Houston.  They trust us and so can you.  We have been online for only a little over a year, trying different sites and we have had great feedback.  We should have started on-line a long time ago.  We can do any size order, single items or in the thousands very quickly.  We can give discounts to large volume orders.  We can do almost anything.  We are based here in the USA, we make everything here in the USA, our wood is bought in the USA, we were all born and raised in the USA and we are an American success story!  You help support "Made in the USA" every time you buy from us.  When you hire me to do your work, you won't be disappointed.  Please call me and let me know how my business can help you or your business.

Thank You,

Frankie Zamarron, Founder and President