ART - Custom Engraved Shape Fees

Custom Laser Engraving Art!

We can custom laser engrave any of our pieces!

NOTE: No returns, exchanges or credits on any custom order.

*Note: An additional custom setup fee will need to be added to your cart with this item.*

All of our pieces come plain and if you would like them customized or personalized we can do that.  If you have a custom or special order request please email us the text or even artwork (artwork has additional charges).  

We have an additional $25.00 Setup fee for ART only (one time only on your first order).  *If you do not change it on your next order, then you will not have to pay the setup again for up to 1 year after your last order.  If it is not a basic custom text request other fees may apply.

***No refunds on Custom or Special orders.***

1. This allows a small area of the pieces to be laser engraved with ARTWORK.

2. We can also do FULL circles/shapes to be laser engraved (charge is next size up).

*Note: We can make more letters fit, but we will have to make the font size smaller to fit!