Washer HEXAGONS 3/4"x1/8" Color Acrylic and 5/16" HOLE


with 1 special custom laser drilled 5/16" Dia. CENTER hole.

These are laser cut colored acrylic HEXAGONS.  This set  includes colored acrylic HEXAGON pieces: 3/4" (.75") X 1/8" thickness (approx.).  These washers are made from a great sturdy rigid acrylic material. These are great for adult or kids projects, craft, games, scrap-booking or for drawing. These disc will still have the plastic or paper protectors on them.

Can be used for Tattoo Machine!

16 Colors available:  Just added new color #373 Dark Purple, #9095 Neon Pink & #9093 Neon Green!

1. Black: #2025  2. White: #3015  3. Pink: #3199  4. Red: #2423  5. Orange: #2422  6. Green: #2092  7. Glass Green: #3030  8. Yellow: #9097   9. Dark Yellow: #2208  10. Light Blue: #9092  11. Blue: #2069  12. Dark Blue: #2424  13. Dark Purple: #373  14. Neon Pink: #9095  15. Neon Green: #9093  16. Neon Orange

CUSTOM LASERING: Contact us if you have any special CUSTOM requests. We are a custom shop and can custom make any shape or size. We can even do different thicknesses (prices vary & material thicknesses are nominal).  We can laser drill holes in any size!
*We can add laser text, images or logos on one or both sides for a additional small fee.
Designed and manufactured in the USA. Made partly from combination of recycled or repurposed materials.