Snowflake "J" Wood Holiday 1/8"

Wooden Designer SNOWFLAKE at 1/8" thickness Christmas Ornament Gifts

Includes a CUSTOM snowflake piece(s): Different sizes at 1/8" thickness (approx.). These special snowflakes are custom designed by a local Houston area artist and designer.  This is only 1 of 36 unique designs.  Collect all the beautiful designs as they come out.

These shapes are made from a great sturdy real hard Baltic Birch plywood material.  They come as a beautiful natural unfinished wood and are easy to paint or stain.

Custom Engraving: We can add text, images or logos on one or both sides for a additional small fee.

Designed and manufactured in the USA!  Made from a combination of recycled and sustainable woods.

WOOD CUT NOTE:  Please be aware that the machine used to cut all of our wood products, will leave a Medium to Dark "Brown Edge" all around!  DO NOT buy this product if you need the edges to remain natural.