Metal Bar Tool Laser Marking Stainless Steel - Bottle Opener

We can Laser Mark any Stainless Steel Bar tools

Note: High Quality, High Resolution Laser Marking and including Bar Tool!

Free Setups for text!

Free Laser Engraved Marking - 1 Line of text, we will include a preview!

(Artwork/graphic only $4.00 extra!)

You will receive a Bar Tool Bottle Opener.  This high quality professional large bar bottle opener is made of solid stainless steel.  It is great to use indoors or outdoors.  It is an efficient design made from a highly durable metal material.  Used in many professional bars and restaurants.  It is so easy to just hang it from the waist and easy to use, sometimes referred to as the "Speed Opener".

*Please respond to messages and the previews.  I will not be able to send out this item without your official review and approval.  If we can get the approval done quickly we can send it out faster. - Thank you.

* Note: Measurements are nominal.

* Note: The nominal thickness is about 1/16"

* Note: The nominal length and width is 7" x 1-1/2"

*Special Offer: Laser engraving/marking is a laser infused permanent process that goes directly onto the surface of the stainless steel.  The above photos show only a small sampling of what can be lasered.  Feel free to bring us your ideas and together we can create something unique and fun! 

1. FREE = 1 line of text

2. $2.00 = Extra lines of text each.

3. $4.00 = Laser ready artwork/graphics.

4. $4.00 = Back Side Text

*We can make it a few inches or as big as will fit on the bottle opener.  We can engrave on both sides.  We can custom design for you as well.  Let us know what you have or what you would like.  You can email: us your vector artwork.
1. We can do custom work.
2. Quantity discounts on large orders.
3. No setups on large quantities.
4. Discounts on markings that are all exactly the same
5. Allow for 2 week delivery.
6. Call for details on custom artwork or special sizes 832.798.3000.