1/2 LB. BULK BAG 3/8" x 1/8" (half-pound) Small Ply - Wood Craft Disc DISCOUNTED!


(remnants, unchecked, unsorted, unsanded, not counted, extras, errors or seconds) 

Laser cut wooden circles. Includes a 1/2 Pound of circle pieces ranging from: 3/8" ONLY diameters at 1/8" thickness (approx.). Most circles are in great condition. We are selling them by weight only not by amounts or sizes. An average bag will have 1500-1600 pieces plus or minus depending on the diameters, NO GUARANTEE of quantity. You will get 8 ounces minimum or more!

These are small laser cut wooden circles. The photos only shows a sample of pieces, every set will be different quantities! These circles are made from a great sturdy real hard wood material. These are great for adult or kids craft projects, games, scrap-booking or even drawing. They are an unfinished wood and are easy to paint.

We can add text, images or logos on one or both sides for a additional small fee.

Designed and manufactured in the USA!  Made from a combination of recycled and sustainable woods.

WOOD CUT NOTE:  Please be aware that the machine used to cut all of our wood products, will leave a Medium to Dark "Brown Edge" all around!  DO NOT buy this product if you need the edges to remain natural.