Acrylic BaseBall Bat Display Table Top Shelf Stand Mobile Compact Collectable Horz. 1 set/pair

Acrylic Stand - 3/16" Thick!

1 Set (4 pieces) of Custom Designer portable and Acrylic Full Size Baseball Bat Stand!

This stand is designed for full size regulation baseball bats.

You will receive 1 set of sleek smooth compact clear acrylic stands.  Designed to not only be compact, but portable and stylish.  You can adjust it to fit a large variety of widths.  This ingenious design allows you to just slip it on to each side and without slipping, holds up your items in an upright adjustable display position.  Great for displaying your collectable baseball bats on shelves or any level platform.
This 4 piece stand is simple, practical and beautiful.  Leave the elegant design of your displayed items alone and free. Made from 100% solid clear acrylic about 3/16" thick (approx.).  It is very sturdy and looks like glass or crystal.

Display Stands Dimensions:

1. Tall stand of this Acrylic STAND set is approximately 2" tall x 1.4" diameter and 3/16" thickness in total size (all sizes are nominal or approximate).

2. Short stand of this Acrylic STAND set is approximately 1.25" tall x 2.15" diameter and 3/16" thickness in total size (all sizes are nominal or approximate).

*NOTE: The baseball bat in photos are not included.  Listing is for acrylic stands only.  Engraving are extra and not included in base price.

Custom Designer Portable Acrylic Stands! This makes a very beautiful and practical award for your event or a great looking gift for your friend or family.

*For an extra cost, if you plan to customize or personalize your stands by laser engraving, please respond to messages and the previews. I will not be able to send out this item without your official review and approval. If we can get the approval done quickly we can send it out faster. - Thank you.
NOTE: Tiles and plaques in photos are not included. Listing is for acrylic stand only.
Designed, Sold and Made in the USA!