Acrylic 11"x14"x1/8" Clear Plaque Cover Beveled Polished Edges 4 Holes Sheet Award

Discounted Acrylic Plaque Sheets!

You will receive 1 standard acrylic protective polished plaque cover sheet.  The nominal length and width is 5"x7".  The sheet is a nominal 1/8" thickness (approx.).  It comes with 4 pre-drilled holes ready for your hardware.  It still has the protective brown paper (front and back side) and a decorative "POLISHED & BEVELED" edge/trim all along the 4 sides.

NOTE: Only the one acrylic sheet is included, no wooden plaque or hardware!

* Note: Measurements are nominal.

* Note: The nominal thickness is 1/8" or approximate = .118" - .125"

* Note: The nominal width is 5", which is approximate = 10.9" - 10.95"

* Note: The nominal height is 7", which is approximate = 14.9" - 14.95" 

We can engrave text, images or logos on one or both sides for a additional small fee.

Laser Cut and Designed in the USA!  We also have other sheets available:

  1. 3"x4"x1/8"          2. 8"x10"x1/8"        3. 5"x7"x1/8"

Contact us if you have any special requests. We can do these sheets in color also (see other listings).  We can custom make any shape or size. We can even do different thicknesses (prices vary & material thicknesses are nominal). We can laser drill holes in any shapes.

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