1LB Scrap/Negative Acrylic Plastic Plexiglass Rigid Supply Melt Reuse Repurpose Recycle

1LBS of Scrap Acrylic!
You will receive 1LB+ of standard mixed acrylic broken scraps or leftovers. These are the negative pieces left over from making our acrylic shapes such as circles, hexagons, squares, stars, shapes, etc. All bags/boxes are different and random.  These can be melted down with the proper equipment and reused or reshaped for other purposes.  You can use some them for stencils, drawing or collage industrial abstract artwork.  Most still have the protective paper/plastic them. Each sets is different and random (no two sets are the same). You will get more than a 1 pound (1LB) of acrylic pieces.

(remnants, unchecked, unsorted, unsanded, not counted, extras, errors or seconds) 

We can add text, images or logos on one or both sides for a additional small fee.

Designed and manufactured in the USA!  Made from a combination of recycled and sustainable woods.

WOOD CUT NOTE:  Please be aware that the machine used to cut all of our wood products, will leave a Medium to Dark "Brown Edge" all around!  DO NOT buy this product if you need the edges to remain natural.