8"x10"x1/4" THICK CLEAR Acrylic Sheet

You will receive 1 standard nominal 8"x10" Clear acrylic sheet that is a nominal 1/4" thickness (approx.).  Buy more than 1 and save.  The nominal sizes for length and width is 8" x 10" (actual sizes are smaller, see below).  These sheets are a great sturdy/rigid acrylic that can be used for variety of purposes.  All sheets all come with the protective paper still on them.

* Note: The approximate nominal thickness is 1/4" = .19" - .22"

* Note: The approximate nominal length and width is 8" x 10" = 8.8" x 9.8" (plus or minus)

Contact us if you have any special requests. We can do these sheets in color also (see other listings).  We can custom make any shape or size. We can even do different thicknesses (prices vary & material thicknesses are nominal). We can laser drill holes in any shapes.*We can add text, images or logos on one or both sides for a additional small fee.Laser Cut and Designed in the USA!

*Special Offer: 1 Discounted CUT- For $1.50 we can cut down 1 straight cut (any length & $1.50 each additional cut line). Just send a note of the size of the cut when you pay in the "Note To SELLER BOX". We will normally just send out all uncut sheets without special instructions from you.

* Note:  F.Y.I, we also have other sheets available: 1. 1/8"x12"x18"  2. 1/8"x12"x12"

Other Colors currently available (Select "Upgrade "COLOR SHEET"):
1. Dark Blue: #2424               4. White: #3031
2. Medium Blue: #2069         5.  Dark Green: #2092
3. Dark Red: #2423                6. Clear: #0000
7. "Glass" Green                   8. Mirror (Extra Cost)            
*Special order colors available by request.

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