Template 3"x1/32" Hexagon SUPER THIN Acrylic Hole Guide Plastic Stencil Quilting Clear USA

Sleek Beautiful Design

SUPER THIN 1/32" Small Drawing Hexagon Stencil!

Laser cut acrylic hexagon template. Includes multiple hexagon sizes at a very super thin 1/32" thickness (approx.).  Perfect thickness for drawing very fine lines to make very tiny hexagons.  Hexagons have all the sizes engraved on them. This is a great sturdy template in a great compact efficient design for sketching, crafts, scrap-booking or mainly drawing.

This is created with a very thin acrylic to get closer detail and very small hexagon sizes.  This design can be made with a thicker gauge acrylic, but become harder to use for tracing.

*Measurements: Thickness is nominal 1/32" = .032" to .041"

*Measurements: 3" wide to opposite corners from the widest points (see last photo)

Custom designed and completely unique, the only set of this type on the net!  Other shape templates and stencils (sold separately).

Get it personalized!  Don't mix these up with your group, engrave your name directly on the whole set for only $2.00 Extra!Extra holes lasered in if you would rather store them hanging together instead of the flat nested option (add $1)

Please note: Thickness is nominal, not actual (varies slightly plus or minus).

For Quilters - Includes both corner to corner and side segment measurements engraved in the acrylic. Each size is directly laser engraved on each corresponding piece.  Please note: Thickness is nominal, not actual (varies slightly plus or minus).

Contact us if you have any CUSTOM or special requests. We are a custom shop and can make any shape or size.  We can even do different thicknesses (prices vary and thicknesses are nominal).

Designed and manufactured in the USA.  BUY USA!